Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 VS 2019 MacBook Pro!

These 2 laptops will be on everyone’s radar for the holidays. Here’s my comparison of the new Microsoft Surface 3 vs the MacBook Pro.

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  1. The new Surface 3 is interesting because it has 2 different chipsets of both AMD and Intel (keep that in mind). It's still VERY different than the 15" MacBook Pro but people will be looking at getting either. Please don't be the silly person that get's a $2400 MBP just to go to class or for word processing -_-"

  2. Comparison in a nutshell

    Sexy slab of metal, goes from 13in to 15in in one click…, very D E N S E screen, good speakers, WINDOWS…

    MACBOOK: Sexy slab of metal, goes from 13in to 15in in one click…, very D E N S E screen, good speakers, MAC OS…

  3. opps, the subtle art of not giving a fuck, nice book bruh

  4. Finally someone pointing out that 99% of students or anybody else don't need a MBP. It's total overkill. I studied mathematics and German in Germany and my whole time at university I never needed more than my Surface 3. It was perfectly capable of doing all my stuff and even some old games worked. Get the notebook you really need and not what some weird reviewers say it's the best device.

  5. Microsoft just started copying apple from the very beginning and they don't culture about their products… LoL 😂

  6. I want Huawei mate x pro

  7. If it has Windows as OS installed, it is still a NO!

    It keeps treating you as a little kid.

  8. Video title shows, it is about comparison video. However, I couldn’t see benchmark tests?

  9. crappy windows operating system.

  10. LOve the song choice in the background!

  11. As intriguing as the surface has become (big improvements it looks like), it would take A LOT for me to give up my MacBook pro 15 despite the cost difference. One instance: there is just no machine out there that even comes close to the 15’s track pad

  12. the only issue I have is the Surface laptop 15in uses AMD processor which just sucks in processing power compare to an Intel processor.

  13. they r both expensive

  14. iknow its not a give a way

  15. can i have the macbook pro please because i cant afford

  16. Performance? I think you missed the major part of the comparison

  17. Will see the newer MacBook pro 16 then we'll compare between because the sp3 is 2020 model I guess

  18. The MacBookPro of course. The Micro$oft computer is nowhere near powerful enough to run my Vectorworks BIM software I use as an architect. In fact I doubt any Micro$oft laptop can run any professional BIM software. Happy to be proved wrong though, even a top specification 2016 MacBookPro now struggles now!

  19. hey Karl can you do a video about the google home mini vs echo dot

  20. Can’t imagine a bunch of retards putting their disgusting filthy
    Fingers and grease over the surface screen. Having a touch screen on a laptop is absolutely retarded

  21. my 2011 mbp still kicking, wonder how does this SF laptop hold up after 8 years.

  22. Why is he comparing the prices of those two laptops that have totally different specs?

  23. I am a really big fan i watched all your videos❤

  24. Totally recommend a Thinkpad P1 or X1. Surface is a solid choice.

  25. If Microsoft would finally release the new Surface Book 3 it would crush them all, and it does it all. Otherwise this surface laptop doesn't have enough horse power, i want a jack of all trades that is skilled at all trades laptop..

  26. Lol when the whole class got macs, but u know they r all broke

  27. i have the new macbook air

  28. You can't really compare these two. A better comparison would be against the Surface Book. Despite that being a 2 in 1

  29. I would love to win the Microsoft Surface 3 I love it and I need a laptop for school plz Karl love the clean sharp vids

  30. Why not a Macbook Pro running Windows 10 Bootcamp?

  31. Damn bruh you swoll as f#$%!!!

  32. Close that laptop! @3:48

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